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 Ecocentro Danaus Self-Guided Tour

Pereza noo!
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Explore the well Preserved forest of Ecocentro Danaus Natural Reserve, place where you can enjoy the exuberant local wildlife. The Reserve is home to mammals, reptiles, amphibians and colorful birds. Trail has only 1 km long (0.6 miles), which makes it great for kids, families and couples that want to explore on their onw.

The visit to the reserve are minimum 1-2 hours. (You can stay longer if wished )

15% discount code  


* Closed Shoes

 * Appropriate clothing

* Bug repellent

* ponchos or raincoat


Cancellation Policies

* 100% refund if you cancel 24 hours.

 * Any modification must be reported 12 hours before in order to be considered

* If due to bad weather the activity cannot be carried out, you can only reschedule for free for another day or time according to our availability.


What's included ?


*Day Pass

from 8:15am-3:30pm

*Wifi in the reception

*Free Water in the Place

*Free Resthrooms



(11 or more years)
$37 p/p + Tax

(5-10 years)
$ 18.50 p/p + tax

(0-4 years)


Book us through WhatsApp:  Click here  +50624797019




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