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Since the creation of the organization we have placed special emphasis on environmental education and for the past 4 years we have actively collaborated with the Ecological Blue Flag Program of La Fortuna. This program works in 23 primary schools and secondary schools in the area, with staff of tourism enterprises, with housewives and farmers, making conservation messages reach more than 4,000 persons during the year. Campaigns have been implemented on the non-use plastic bags, by making cloth bags with the message "THE PRESENT AND OUR FUTURE, LET U.S. SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS", offer courses composting, recycling, development of nurseries of trees, installation of organic home gardens, installation of biogas digesters, are conducted ecological walks through our facilities, planting trees, cleaning of rounds and rivers and all the activities we do are mainly aimed at protecting the water resource. Note that when receiving donations, these are used STRICTLY for tree production activities and environmental education and always give the donor a detailed report with photographs, signatures, certificates and beneficiary assessments on the activities that took out.



Ecocentro Danaus carries out environmental education activities in schools, colleges, businesses and the wider community as part of the activities carried out for obtaining the Ecological Blue Flag La Fortuna (For 4 consecutive years the Center was the main driver of this committee). In March 2011 Danaus Ecocentro receives award by the Blue Flag committee, with two stars in the category of Protected Natural Area and continues today to develop activities of conservation and environmental protection which led to obtaining this award.




This is an area of 3 hectares in natural regeneration accessible trails for all types of people. In the trails is possible to appreciate the diversity of wildlife and tropical plants native from the area, including highlights heliconia, orchids and palms. During the tour you can see the two-and three toed sloth, Guatusas, large numbers of birds (There are more than 150 different species) basilisks, iguanas, insects, poisonous red frog, among others.  Additionally it has a butterfly farm-bred, with a special site for the display of larvae, pupae and eggs. We reproduce some 30 different species of butterflies and it is one of the most interesting sites by visitors. In the middle of the property we have a lake that is natural habitat for many species of animals among which highlights the Chocuaco (Boat-billed Heron), the red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) and the caiman (Caiman cocodilus) among others. The medicinal plant garden is another attraction. To date we have over 60 different species of medicinal plants labeled.











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During the daytime walk trail runs 600 meters in circular shape and accessible to all audiences, where you can appreciate a diversity of plants, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, insects, among others. The ecological reserve additionally has another path of about 350 meters of natural regeneration that culminates in a tree nursery. During this tour you can see the butterflies farm and  a natural lagoon, Maleku Indigenous Cultural House, a garden  of medicinal plants and orchids and then you will end with  little bird watching.







During the night walk you can easily observe different species nocturnal fauna, mainly amphibians and reptiles interacting in natural ecosystems. The walk includes local naturalist guide and lanterns, lasts approximately 2 hours, starting at 5:45 pm.

A reservation is required.







The tour starts 600 meters away from the Reserve, to observe bird species in open and grassland areas. Subsequently the bridge over the Burío river for searching species of birds related to water bodies. Upon reaching the trails of the reserve you can find  species the secondary forest and wetland for exemple Chocuaco or (Boat-billed heron) and many other species. The tour includes bilingual guide with experience and proper equipment for the activity.








Through this tour visitors will have the opportunity to interact more closely with these animals. The same is operated in a project located in the community of El Catillo de Fortuna, 8 km. away from the EcoCentro. Our reserve where a bilingual naturalist guide with extensive knowledge in these species will help to identify and learn about their natural history.  This tour is offered with the service from our booking and includes breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on the time of the tour.  For general information about the tour, you can be found in our book or visit the website: www.arenalecozoo.com






In the Ecocentro Danaus the Maleku Indigenous community takes performances and exhibit and sells their handicrafts.The Maleku or Guatusos is one of the smallest indigenous groups in Costa Rica. Are located 50 km from the Ecocentro Danaus Ecological Reserve in the canton San Rafael de Guatuso in the province of Alajuela and still retain their physical features and cultural expressions. They speak Spanish and their dialect Maleku. Their main agricultural activity is growing cacao, peach palm, palm and are also river fishermen. They work hand in the making indigenous figures using balsa wood as raw material, also manufacturing their bows and arrows for hunting and fishing.





Note: Ecocentro Danaus offers exclusive transportation service for our clients.

About us

About us:

eco1The Ecocentro Danaus is a private ecological reserve where programs for conservation, training, environmental education and sustainable production are developed. Through the trails can be observed in their natural habitat wide variety of plants and wildlife, we have a natural water spring of national importance for nesting and the observation of aquatic birds and we also have a butterflies farm. Reproduction of native tree species is one of our main objectives as well as the conservation and rescue of indigenous culture Maleku who exhibit their crafts, provide information to visitors about their culture and perform their ceremonies within the Ecological Reserve.

The ecological reserve welcomes visitors at any time of year, Monday to Sunday from 7:30 am to 5 pm, the duration of the tour is from 1 hour 30 minutes and are conducted by naturalists local guides with great experience, who speak English and have a extensive knowledge in natural and cultural history of the most outstanding species. The Ecocentro Danaus has been awarded for several consecutive years with the Blue Flag in the category of Protected Natural Areas and is a center of education and training for schools and organized community groups.


Our mission:

Preserve, meet and manage sustainably of the local and national biodiversity through eco-friendly forms of production and integrated management of natural resources.


Nature creates life, we are protecting it ...